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Blow Fill Seal (BFS) and Form Fill Seal (FFS) technology are used in sterile manufacturing of pharmaceutical products as parenteral infusions, ophthalmic, and inhalation products.

Both of these technologies are widely used and accepted by the various pharmaceutical regulatory authorities as US-FDA and MHRA. This system has been used for more than 30 years now and has reported to achieve contamination rate below 0.1%.

We at Micro Tools, provide BFS facilities at a global level with more than 200 moulds. Our presence is across 13 distinct countries with more than 25 machines internationally and 80 machines in our home country, India. We have an ever-expanding vision to increase our global footprint and be the industry leader

The BFS Process is a multi-stepped process actively used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. As its name suggests, the basic concept BFS process is-

  • A container is Blow molded

  • Filled with the desired liquid

  • And then, securely sealed.

This process originated in Europe, and has now spread across the globe. The process aims at producing completely sterile containers of small quantities of liquid with no human intervention. Thus, the process is completely automated with high grade machinery. We, at Micro Tools have proven to be one of the leading manufacturers of BFS products. BFS is mainly used for the filling of vials for parenteral preparations and infusions, eye drops, and inhalation products.